What is Peaqs

Think Kickstarter meets Shark Tank

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Have students engage in a four-phased project development process where ideas, products and services are put up for sale on a virtual stock market.

Peaqs starts off with students forming groups and developing ideas for a viable business, product or service. This output is then presented on a stock market simulation platform where the same students act as individual investors who buy, sell and manage portfolios of the products listed. This provides instant market feedback and motivates the groups to develop their ideas to even greater refinement.

So, students oscillate between an entrepreneurial mode where they as groups develop ideas, products and business plans AND an individual investor mode where they continuously evaluate the very same projects and provide their feedback in the guise of investment choices.

The four phases of Peaqs comprise a funnel of feature specific, product development and get-to-market strategy- and communication planning. With the end result being a stock market of ready-to-go business plans, perfectly ranked in popularity under the well-informed scrutiny of their investing, academic peers.

A session of Peaqs can be condensed into a few days of intense workshop learning or broken down over the course of an entire semester.

The 4 phases

Idea development, idea refinement

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