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Flexible and adaptable to your curriculum. Designed for classes within innovation, entrepreneurship, product development and marketing & business strategy.

However Peaqs is extremely versatile and can be considering for many more subjects, as long as there is a need to work case-based and with some level of peer reviewing.

Peaqs is an easy-to-use  learning platform complete with teaching notes and flexible in-game templates that can be modified to reflect your curriculum. With very little effort you can transport your current teaching into a dynamic, market oriented learning game, where students act as group-entrepreneurs and individual investors alike. You can also just leave the game as is, to explore the default settings and reading suggestions.

Apart from blended learning situations Peaqs can even be used on a completely remote learning basis as all student progress can be displayed on the platform and any mentor or outside stakeholder can join the session, if invited. If you ad your preferred video-conferencing platform, in-class teaching can move online and the Peaqs resource section allows for a complete upload of study plan, curriculum, instructional videos, presentations, notes and more, so the learning materials are readily available.

Once you’ve tailored Peaqs to your study plan and curriculum it is very easy to re-launch the same course over again by copy/pasting your customization, taking course design to a whole other level. And by extracting data from Peaqs you’ll acchieve data-sets that are research ready.

You decide the pace of learning, as a session of Peaqs can be comprised into a few days of intensive workshops or be spread out over the course of a semester with ample room for students to read and prepare. You simply apply the calendar-function so student assignments are released at the pace of your choosing.

And learning continues at home, outside the class-room, students can access the platform at any time. Either to stay on top of their investments or to tinker away on their newly developed innovations, providing a perfect opportunity to heighten levels of student engagement – and ulimately leaving larger room for learning impact.

There is no limit to class size or the number of classes you can run on the platform, but we recommend a minimum of 30 students and groups to be organized in numbers of 3-6.

As a learning game Peaqs is designed to heighten teaching efficiency and student engagement in higher learning, so get your faculty on board today and request your own tour of the product.

Our experienced consultants will even help you out with matching your course to the game interface and can provide many ideas for course integration – it’s already being used at Bachelor, Masters and MBA levels so we’re sure we can help you out too.

Teaching Notes included and much more …

Just a few reasons to choose Peaqs:

  • Easy interface, your game is up and running wihtin minutes
  • Realtime stock market enginee (instant feedback for students)
  • Products are listed as baseball cards for an easy overview
  • Explore products to assess student/group achievements
  • Adapt templates to your curriculum/course litterature
  • Teaching notes and learning objective included with plug n’ play courses
  • Inspiration catalogue for classroom activation and exam testing
  • No limit to number of students participating

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Drop us a line and expand on your level of interest in the platform and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible. You can look around and invest in projects in the demonstration session.

This form is for requesting product tours and other business enquiries only. For product support or help getting logged in to your Peaqs session we kindly refer you to our FAQ section and to get in touch with the administrator who has invited you to participate in Peaqs.