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What if your academic work could spin-off your very own startup, complete with a detailed product description and business plan.

Well, Peaqs can bring you quite a long way down this road. As a group oriented learning game, you’ll be guided through a product development funnel where you and your fellow students form a viable business idea and scrutinize it with all the strength and might of the best academic theories in the field. And with each phase focusing on the product itself there’s a corresponding phase of market orientation where you have to devise strategies and plans for bringing your product / service into circulation.

It doesn’t end there because on top of devising and continously refining your product/service/innovation your group will be subject to putting it to the test of a real-time market as your student peers invest in your product via a stock market simulation. Meaning that all participants act as entrepreneurs and investors alike, taking turns developing their own products and investing in others. Ultimately leading to better innovation and a higher degree of reflection on what constitutes a viable and market-ripe product.

So, just as in the real world, it’s not enough to come up with a great idea, you have to convince the market that this is actually the case.

If you have already received a Peaqs session link from you teacher then follow the instructions and get started dreaming up your future business adventure – needless to say the Peaqs platform claims no stake in your business invention. That’s yours to keep.

If you don’t have a link to follow then get in touch with your teacher or faculty and tell them to get involved in Peaqs …

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