Peaqs Sees 300% Growth – An EdTech Frontline Story

It is no secret that the Covid19 crises has accelereted a shift of attention and resources towards digital solutions in educational systems across the globe. And while this has left teachers and universities scrambling for new approaches to teacher and courses, the disruption has been a massive opportunity for most EdTech providers to widen awareness and gain new business relations.

For new Danish EdTech on the block, and 2019 Nordic EdTech Award finalist, Peaqs, the disruption has translated into a tremendous growth story, with user-levels up by more than 300 % for the next semester over the previous two semesters – combined! A dramatic change induced by trendlines most people would recognize, Co-Founder Peter Martin Holst explains: 

‘One lever is certainly the simple fact that video-meetings have become a new normal. They are a true enabler when your product has a potential global audience. In the previous year leading up to the lockdown most of our meetings were done in-person with university professors and course designers. 

Since then practically everyone has video-meetings as the first go-to option, giving a business such as ours a much easier way to reach our audience. Not only to make deals but also to get much needed platform feedback, which is essential for a newcomer such as Peaqs, who develops in tandem with user- and expert- feedback. So the fact that everyone has grown comfortable with video meetings means we are getting invaluable feedback on a scale and scope that we wouldn’t have imagined a year ago’.