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Build your own customized courses or tap into the Peaqs library of pre-defined courses developed along with some of the best academic instructors in the field.

Many of our university partners also facilitate courses to private companies giving your company direct and hazzle-free access to the latest of course standards and thinking in the field combined with workshop facilitation – either in person or via your preferred video streaming service. 

As Peaqs also caters to a completely remote learning environment you can get your global organization involved in an instant and don’t have to move facilitators or people around the globe to attend. Imagine the savings on time spent, planning, travel and accommodation your company could acchieve if some of your academies could move online either in full or just partially. 

Peaqs is suited for any case-based type of learning almost regardless of the subject being taught. That’s because Peaqs is focused on being a framework for learning interactions, planning and outcomes, so you can ad virtually any subject to the platform and create a stimulating learning experience for your attendees.

Dive into our predefined settings for plug and play courses and games or get in touch with our consultants for Peaqs customization. We continously update and expand our course catalogue with new subjects and gaming approaches, and if you are bringing a whole new discipline to the platform our consultants will even help you out at a discounted rate.

Two main approaches, many in-between calibrations

Because of the level of in-session customization you can use Peaqs in many ways, however there are 2 main approaches. Either it’s about having your attendees develop a solution within a specific context/field. Or, it is about having your attendees assessing solutions that are already pre-loaded into the Peaqs platform. Between development and assessment there are many ways of weighing one over the other, but Peaqs is unique in the way that it also allows for both learning methodologies to take place at the same time. 

With these 2 concepts driving the thinking behind the platform where evaluation, process, reflection and creativity is placed at the centre of the learning experience, it is clear that attendees gain a deeper learning perspective than mere Q&A testing and programmatic learning. Peaqs is designed to facilitate blended and double loop learning with multiple peer-reviewing options and the ability to invite external experts into the sessions. One of the feedback mechanisms is our unigue stock market engine that really allows for a gamified approach to feedback, elavating attendee engagement levels and incentivizing peer-feedback.

Once you design your Peaqs session there are multiple options in regards to initiating peer-reviewing and getting expert stakeholders onboard to help your attendees acchieve even higher learning outcomes. The stock market engine and other engagement options can be switched on/off to your liking, so it fits the course you’d like to design. You can also choose to involve the Peaqs team even more and customize a case-framework that fits your company and industry.

Peaqs can be used in many ways from short workshop based sprints to longer courses spanning an entire quarter or more – you are in total control and can adjust the timing as you please. 

Combine your Industry, specialty and methodology for a great learning experience

Plug n’ play game methodologies in Peaqs:

  • Design Thinking
  • Agile / Scrum
  • Business Canvas

Industry specific scenarios available

  • Finance
  • Life Science
  • IT
  • Design
  • Energy
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Consumer Products
  • Food / Agriculture


  • Entrepreneurship/Intrapreneurship
  • Digital Transformation
  • Change processes
  • Operations Mangement / Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing / Sales
  • Organizational Development
  • Data Science
  • Strategy & Innovation

Game Formats

  • Hackathons
  • Innovation Sprints
  • Boot Camps
  • Case Work
  • Product Development
  • Business Planning
  • Growth Hacking

Benefits of using Peaqs in your Learning & Development

  • Global roll-out of online learning programmes for your Academies, graduate programmes or inhouse incubation spaces
  • Savings on attendee time, travel and accommodation
  • Access Peaqs from anywhere allowing for fully- or semi-digital courses
  • Pay for use, only by the number of attendees
  • Same platform across courses/subjects for heightened levels of learning comparability
  • Peer & expert feedback at your fingertips,
  • Data extraction for knowledge building and development
  • A Peaqs team who can add features or offer white labeling solutions for extra-level customization

Peaqs is designed by Artventure – a Creative agency based in Copenhagen Denmark, with more than a decades worth of experience in designing digital workshop activations, case competitions and exeperience based communications for large Danish and international corporations.

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