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Peaqs is designed by Artventure – an event and communications agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

With more than a decade worth of work with experience based communications for corporations worldwide; Artventure has designed several online platforms that cater to various types of gamification for learning, workshops and conference activations. A few years back this lead to the Peaqs platform, that has already proven its worth as a conference rype tool for activation, crowdsourcing and idea development.

We know that corporations want platforms that are designed and tweaked to their exact individual needs – and that is exactly the reason why you should get in touch, because we can provide just that.


Just to brainstorm a few ideas, we think that Peaqs could help your business:

  • Transform the way you do product innovation. Have internal teams develop new products and services and let the rest of the organization invest in them via the stock market simulation, to laser in on the best ideas
  • With external communication / company branding. Do a case competition where student teams develop products / services pertinent to your business and let your employees invest in them as they progress. Allowing you to get in touch with the brightest young minds while activating your organization in a fun and educational competition.

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Drop us a line and expand on your level of interest in the platform and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible. We’ll grant you access to a demonstration session where you can start up your own product development and invest in the products already displayed.