Peaqs at GYE – Student Testimonial

Watch the Peaqs student testimonial video by clicking here.

Q: About yourself, your name, where you live, what were you are part of and in which context did you use Peaqs?

A: My name is Alexa Rhodes and I am in eleventh grade. I live in Pennsylvania in the United States and the reason that I was using Peaqs was because I was in the Global Entrepreneurship competition. That is where a bunch of kids who were around my age from all over the world were competing in a competition, where you start your own business. We used the Peaqs platform to show the mentors and the other students what our projects were.

Q: How many people were participating and where were they located?

A: I think in the final there were 15 participants, but in the beginning there were 75 to 100 different projects. A lot of them were out of the States, in China, in Canada, there were 2 different groups in the States. I saw the opportunity to go into the GYE Competition to further my skills of running a business.