Peaqs: Gvs Cup

Peaqs Selected to the GSV Cup Elite 200

Will Compete for $1 Million in Prizes in World’s Largest Pitch Competition for EdTech Startups – Copenhagen, Denmark (Jan 19, 2022)

Peaqs has been selected to The Elite 200, the acclaimed list of semifinalists in The GSV Cup — the world’s largest pitch competition for EdTech startups run by female-led, multi-stage venture capital firm GSV Ventures. Companies selected to The Elite 200 represent the top pre-seed and seed stage startups in digital learning across the “Pre-K to Gray” space. Peaqs will now compete for up to $1M in cash and prizes in San Diego this April at the ASU+GSV Summit, the annual education technology event hosted by Arizona State University and GSV Ventures.

Peaqs: Reimagining Education

Wharton-QS Reimagine Education Awards 2021

Announced: 2021’s educational ‘Oscar’ winners – Peaqs takes home an award!

London 10th December: 2021’s most exciting, effective new approaches to teaching and learning have been announced by QS Quacquarelli Symonds and The Wharton School, after a gruelling competition comprising eight months, 1350 applicants, and five rounds of close expert scrutiny: the Reimagine Education Awards.
Danish edtech, Peaqs, is proud to announce taking home the silver award in this prestigious competition in the Business Education Category. Noting that the award was also a hybrid learning award, co-founder at Peaqs, Peter Martin Holst, says:

‘For a startup the importance of an international recoginition of this kind cannot be understated. We are not only proud but also thankful to be able to get so far in a competition with so many other brilliant edtech platforms and solutions competing. Being able to fetch a prize like this after being online for only a year with our new platform version is truly amazing – a huge thank you to all the teachers and institutions for bringing Peaqs into their class-rooms and hybrid learning environments.’

Peaqs is a learning game platform that combines a project development process with a virtual stock market engine for real time valuation and peer feedback. It was originally designed for teaching entrepreneurship and running pitch competitions but has proved to be suitable for learning across many business, design and technical subjects. Being agnostic to the curriculum taught and customizable in its process by for instance time-boxing game-phases Peaqs is not only appealing to higher education but also lower levels of education such as high school. Peter Martin Holst, expands:

Danish Startup Peaqs Aims To Create A Sandbox Platform To Train Entrepreneurs At University

What is your elevator pitch? Peaqs was designed with two purposes in mind. First, to train the entrepreneurial mind by making a safe place for experimentation and learning. A sandbox so to speak for teaching within higher education where students can arrive at an early stage business plan through a set process with enough flexibility to accommodate most course plans and totally independant of curriculum or theoretical approach to the subject of entrepreneurship.

Second purpose, to provide accelerators, incubators and other eco-systems that surround early stage ventures with a platform that can be used to make pitch competitions and show case early stage businesses in an easy, efficient and engaging way.

In short, to sum up the two purposes you could say that we are here to accelerate entrepreneurship and the development of new solutions and businesses because there is a basic need for more and better solutions to the vast array of challenges we as a species are confronted with – on all levels.

Can you expand? Peaqs is a system made for higher learning within entrepreneurship that allows teachers and faculty to create blended or hybrid learning experiences for their students.

Apart from being designed for learning outcomes, its 4-staged development process can move a product from concept to pitch-ready business plan in an efficient and engaging way, making it ideal for virtual or hybrid pitch competitions as well.

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Peaqs at HSG, St. Gallen – Teacher Testimonial (DE)

Watch the Peaqs teacher testimonial video bclicking here.
(In German)

Q: Bitte stellen Sie sich kurz vor.

A: Mein Name ist Tobias Palm. Ich bin Doktorand an der Universität St. Gallen, um genau zu sein, am Institut für kleinere und mittlere Unternehmen und ich habe, bevor ich mein Doktorat hier gestartet habe, Berufserfahrung gesammelt, unter anderem in der Strategieberatung und in einem Start-Up.

Q: Erzählen Sie uns etwas über den Kurz?

A: In der Universität St. Gallen bin ich verantwortlich für den Master Kurs Entrepreneurship im Masterprogramm Unternehmensführung und die auch typischerweise einen Hintergrund in BWL oder VWL haben.

Peaqs at GYE – Student Testimonial

Watch the Peaqs student testimonial video by clicking here.

Q: About yourself, your name, where you live, what were you are part of and in which context did you use Peaqs?

A: My name is Alexa Rhodes and I am in eleventh grade. I live in Pennsylvania in the United States and the reason that I was using Peaqs was because I was in the Global Entrepreneurship competition. That is where a bunch of kids who were around my age from all over the world were competing in a competition, where you start your own business. We used the Peaqs platform to show the mentors and the other students what our projects were.

Q: How many people were participating and where were they located?

A: I think in the final there were 15 participants, but in the beginning there were 75 to 100 different projects. A lot of them were out of the States, in China, in Canada, there were 2 different groups in the States. I saw the opportunity to go into the GYE Competition to further my skills of running a business. 

Entrepreneurship Is an Opportunity for Education

With student interest in new business creation on the rise, the future for higher education is likely to be far brighter than it seems.

Research shows that, in the heart of the pandemic, student interest in entrepreneurship education spiked. That trend proves what many of us already suspected: Crisis indeed fuels entrepreneurship.

We saw this happen after the 2002–2004 SARS pandemic, when travel restrictions and limited human contact fueled the growth of e-commerce companies like Alibaba. It happened again after the financial crisis of 2008, which created opportunities for disruptive companies like Uber and Airbnb—then just startups—to shoot up in popularity.

But COVID-19 and the recession it has caused will likely have even greater impact. One of the biggest challenges that humanity has faced in recent years, the pandemic has been a “black swan” phenomenon that has changed our collective trajectory. Its effects are quickly becoming a platform for new growth in nearly every aspect of our lives—especially when it comes to startup creation.  

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GBSN partners with Peaqs for the Africa Business Plan Challenge

GBSN launches its Africa Business Plan Challenge in a completely virtual format and has teamed up with Danish Edtech Startup Peaqs, in providing a platform to facilitate the competition.

Peaqs is not so much a system for the organizers, as it is for the competition itself where student entrepreneurs continuously upload, display and refine their business cases in a kickstarter-like fashion.

The competition will challenge student teams to design a viable business plan that addresses a locally-relevant challenge or problem related to sustainable development and Agenda 2063. The competition is intended to assist young people from the African continent who have an entrepreneurial orientation, a desire to serve their community, and demonstrate the values outlined below. The focus is to promote and support responsible capitalism for emerging markets and to identify high potential young people for mentorship and investment. 

Judges, mentors and others who are invited can also logon and interact with the entrepreneurs via a comment function and a gamified stock market, where ‘investors’ can allocate their funds in support of the projects they think are the best.

World renowned business school accreditation association AASCB is also a partner in the Africa Business Plan Challenge, bringing more than 100 years of experience in providing quality assurance, business education intelligence, and learning and development services to business schools across the world. With current membership standing of 1,700 member organizations and more than 840 accredited business schools.

Stanford Seed, a branch of Stanford Graduate School of Business, that specializes in furthering Innovation in Developing Economies is another of the high profile partners supporting this competition.

Peaqs is a system made for higher learning that allows teachers and faculty to create blended or hybrid learning experiences for their students. It is highly customizable and built to secure high levels of student engagement via elements of gamification, peer feedback and learning progress transparency.

Peaqs was originally designed for teaching entrepreneurship and doing business acceleration, however has since then seen applications in many other subjects across business schools and technical universities worldwide.

Check out for testimonials and learn more about how it works.

Read about the Africa Business Plan Challenge here:

Read more about AACSB here:

CEO & Peaqs – a partnership for a US based pitch competition

The 2020 Global Pitch Competition was all virtual and CEO had teamed up with Peaqs, to provide the platform for the competition. 

And what a competition! Not only was it a blast to see all the great projects coming to life and evolve on the Peaqs platform, CEO saw higher competition engagement levels than ever before, underpinning the viability of doing pitch competitions as completely digital / online formats.

On top of this, the 2020 competition also had a large increase in competition signup numbers and participant completion levels – breaking all records in CEOs +30 year history.

We are extremely proud to have been partners with CEO in this amazing entrepreneurial sprint. is an organization set up to support entrepreneurship in higher education with more than 250 chapters in every US state and abroad.

Press-release: Parsons becomes first fashion school to use Peaqs software for entrepreneurship

“It’s a cross between Shark Tank and Kickstarter,” explains Keanan Duffty, Program Director of Masters in Fashion Management at Parsons School of Design.

Designed for entrepreneurship, project development, marketing and business planning, Peaqs is a high level learning game platform that combines a project development process with a virtual stock market engine for real-time valuation and peer feedback. Designed in Denmark, and released in late 2018, it quickly found its way to Copenhagen Business School and Denmark Technical University ,and in 2019 was a finalist at the Nordic Edtech Awards. It is currently live in 7 countries on 3 continents and expanding across new subjects and curricula that stand to benefit from its unique approach to driving the learning process. Duffty is proud that theirs is the first fashion education program to feature the software and, while much has been said about the drawbacks of online learning during the pandemic, the MPS Fashion Management team were already on the lookout for ways to enhance the student online learning experience prior to Covid. Duffty explains to FashionUnited why Peaqs was the ideal platform partner for his entrepreneurship-focused class during its five-week intensive course this fall.

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Interview with Rickie Moore, Emlyon Business School

Peaqs was used in a brand new Masters of Science program at Emlyon Business School. We had the pleasure to interview the teacher of this program, Rickie Moore, about the course and his experiences with the platform.

Q: Hello and welcome, please introduce yourself. 

A: My name is Rickie Moore, professor of Entrepreneurship at Emlyon Business School. I teach entrepreneurship and innovation to all levels of students, whether they are the younger ones, the middle aged ones, the older ones, everyone. I’m enjoying teaching that discipline. 

Peaqs Sees 300% Growth – An EdTech Frontline Story

It is no secret that the Covid19 crises has accelereted a shift of attention and resources towards digital solutions in educational systems across the globe. And while this has left teachers and universities scrambling for new approaches to teacher and courses, the disruption has been a massive opportunity for most EdTech providers to widen awareness and gain new business relations.

For new Danish EdTech on the block, and 2019 Nordic EdTech Award finalist, Peaqs, the disruption has translated into a tremendous growth story, with user-levels up by more than 300 % for the next semester over the previous two semesters – combined! A dramatic change induced by trendlines most people would recognize, Co-Founder Peter Martin Holst explains: 

‘One lever is certainly the simple fact that video-meetings have become a new normal. They are a true enabler when your product has a potential global audience. In the previous year leading up to the lockdown most of our meetings were done in-person with university professors and course designers. 

Since then practically everyone has video-meetings as the first go-to option, giving a business such as ours a much easier way to reach our audience. Not only to make deals but also to get much needed platform feedback, which is essential for a newcomer such as Peaqs, who develops in tandem with user- and expert- feedback. So the fact that everyone has grown comfortable with video meetings means we are getting invaluable feedback on a scale and scope that we wouldn’t have imagined a year ago’.

Research paper using Peaqs from Aalborg University

Published in: Vol 7 No 3 (2019): Special Issue: Teaching Business Models – Part 1 /Special Issue: Teaching Business Models

Jesper C. Sort Business Model Design Center, Aalborg University

Peter M. Holst Artventure, Copenhagen, Denmark

Using digital gamification in the Context of Business Models


The use of blended learning to enhance motivation and learning by the students is a recent and increasingly important topic in teaching. This paper will give an example regarding how blended learning was implemented in an entrepreneurial course with business models as the primary structure.

Nordic Edtech Awards 2019

On November 8th 2019, the Peaqs team got the exciting news that we were nominated for the Nordic Edtech Awards 2019. Nordic Edtech Alliance, the creator of the Nordic Edtech Awards, is a partnership between the Edtech communities in the Nordic area. It includes Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. The Nordic Edtech alliances aim to support and profile nordic edtech internationally with the nordic teaching traditions and values at the core.

With their third award show in 2019, they nominated Peaqs and invited us to the awards final in Helsinki as the Danish finalist. With our platform for teaching entrepreneurship, product development and business planning we were a strong competitor. Unfortunately, we didn’t win, we hope to be considered again next year and take home the prize!

Used in Higher Education across Denmark

Currently live at 3 out of 8 Danish universities in just one year of our beta-launch in the beginning of 2019. Our platform has been used for Bachelors, Masters and MBA courses. We take great pride in collaborating with some of Denmark’s best Universities and are excited to be the main platform partner for the Ignite program hosted by DTU Skylab. Skylab Ignite is a 10 week early stage startup accelerator program for students and researchers that helps to expand their entrepreneurial mindsets, to build their business cases and to overall strengthen their team. Peaqs has been the perfect tool to accomplish just that and to give the participants a real-world feeling.

Furthermore, after a successful implementation of Peaqs at Aalborg University, we co-authored a research paper with them on the subject of gamification.

Our innovative platform allows students and others to participate in a high level learning game, that combines an innovation- and product development process with a virtual stock market engine. This facilitates real-time valuation and peer feedback! We have engaged more than 400 students from 3 top Danish Universities.

Interview with SkyLab Accellerator

We had the pleasure of being a part of the DTU SkyLab Ignite program, that helps students develop their start-up businesses. After a successful program we were able to interview the project manager, Ben Cahill, about the course and his experiences.

Q: Hello and welcome. Please introduce yourself and your position.

A: My name is Ben. I am project manager and innovation officer at DTU Skylab, which is Denmark’s Technical University’s innovation center where we turn student ideas into viable business propositions.

Interview with Louise Harder, CBS Digital Entrepreneurship

At the CBS Digital Entrepreneurship course, Peaqs have become a part of their blending learning tools. It has been used widely by students and teachers. The co-teachers of this course, Louise Harder Fischer and Lars K. Andersen, sat down with us to answer some question about the integration of Peaqs in their course.

Q: Hi! Please introduce yourselves?

A: My name is Louise Harder Fischer. I am an Assistant Professor at CBS.

A: My name is Lars K. Andersen. I am an external lecturer here at CBS, teaching in Digital Entrepreneurship. I am co-teaching with Louise and basically introducing the students to the more practical elements of having a start-up.

Press-release: Blended learning på AAU

Blended Learning på Aalborg Universitet – og navnet er Peaqs.

Alle taler om det. Få gør det. Og endnu færre gør det godt. Vi taler naturligvis om Blended Learning på universiteter og højere læreanstalter. Tidens store buzzword, der skal favne evnen til at mikse digitale værktøjer med face-to-face undervisning på en måde, hvor det højner engagement, læring og undervisningseffektivtet.

Det er ambitionen, men ofte ender det enten med stivnede begrebs-diskussioner, hvor didaktiske fronter trækkes hårdt op eller med vage praktiske implementeringer, hvor google-docs eller universitetets intra-net kåres som ‘blended’ i mangel på bedre kandidater.

Just a few reasons to choose Peaqs

  • Easy interface, your game is up and running within minutes
  • Realtime stock market engine (instant feedback for students)
  • Products are listed as baseball cards for an easy overview
  • Explore products to assess student/group acchievements
  • Adapt templates to your curriculum/course litterature
  • Teaching notes and learning objective included
  • Inspiration catalogue for classroom activation and exam testing
  • No limit to number of students participating

Peaqs is an easy-to-use blended learning platform complete with teaching notes and flexible in-game templates that can be modified to reflect your curriculum. With very little effort you can transport your current teaching into a dynamic, market oriented learning game, where students act as group-entrepreneurs and individual investors alike.

You decide the pace of learning as a session of Peaqs can be comprised into a few days of intensive workshops or be spread out over the course of a semester with ample room for students to read and prepare. You simply apply the calendar-function so student assignments are released at the pace of your choosing.

Versatility & ease of use

Depending on the course PeaQs can permeate an entire semester with several class room sessions or form the basis of a few days of intense workshops. Making it the perfect versatile education tool that can accommodate anything from full-time students to short-termed intense MBA courses.

PeaQs is 100 % digital and requires no other technical equipment or proficiency than being able to access the internet during class. The platform is offered to faculties on a year-to-year subscription basis.

Get in touch with us and learn more about how PeaQs can provide value to your institution.

Approaches and types of learning Peaqs works with