Research paper using Peaqs from Aalborg University

Published in: Vol 7 No 3 (2019): Special Issue: Teaching Business Models – Part 1 /Special Issue: Teaching Business Models

Jesper C. Sort Business Model Design Center, Aalborg University

Peter M. Holst Artventure, Copenhagen, Denmark

Using digital gamification in the Context of Business Models


The use of blended learning to enhance motivation and learning by the students is a recent and increasingly important topic in teaching. This paper will give an example regarding how blended learning was implemented in an entrepreneurial course with business models as the primary structure.

Key Insights

Introducing a blended learning platform, in this case PeaQs, was quite straightforward, and the students had virtually no issues with understanding and engaging in a digital learning and gamification platform. Furthermore, the students understood the relevance and found inter-est in the use of an online platform underpinning the strength of blended learning and gamification. This is in line with what research into blended learning suggests when describing the implementation of gamification as “promising” (Iosup and Epema, 2014). It is also worth mentioning the quality of discussions among the students propelled by the question of what information they should prioritize and upload into the system. They engaged in discussions regarding how to condense their ideas into, e.g. 150 characters. In other words, the ability to convey a problem, present their solution and the associated value proposition in a short and precise manner. Furthermore, as students dived into the development of their projects/business cases of their peers, a loop of reflection and inspiration took place, inclining them to improve and refine their projects. This showed signs of a higher degree of knowledge transfer (Siegel and Wright, 2015), increase in the quality of the projects (Li et al. 2010) and is furthermore in line with research showing positive learning outcomes of blended learning (Garrison & Kanuka, 2004).

Nordic Edtech Awards 2019

On November 8th 2019, the Peaqs team got the exciting news that we were nominated for the Nordic Edtech Awards 2019. Nordic Edtech Alliance, the creator of the Nordic Edtech Awards, is a partnership between the Edtech communities in the Nordic area. It includes Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. The Nordic Edtech alliances aim to support and profile nordic edtech internationally with the nordic teaching traditions and values at the core.

With their third award show in 2019, they nominated Peaqs and invited us to the awards final in Helsinki as the Danish finalist. With our platform for teaching entrepreneurship, product development and business planning we were a strong competitor. Unfortunately, we didn’t win, we hope to be considered again next year and take home the prize!

Used in Higher Education across Denmark

Currently live at 3 out of 8 Danish universities in just one year of our beta-launch in the beginning of 2019. Our platform has been used for Bachelors, Masters and MBA courses. We take great pride in collaborating with some of Denmark’s best Universities and are excited to be the main platform partner for the Ignite program hosted by DTU Skylab. Skylab Ignite is a 10 week early stage startup accelerator program for students and researchers that helps to expand their entrepreneurial mindsets, to build their business cases and to overall strengthen their team. Peaqs has been the perfect tool to accomplish just that and to give the participants a real-world feeling.

Furthermore, after a successful implementation of Peaqs at Aalborg University, we co-authored a research paper with them on the subject of gamification.

Our innovative platform allows students and others to participate in a high level learning game, that combines an innovation- and product development process with a virtual stock market engine. This facilitates real-time valuation and peer feedback! We have engaged more than 400 students from 3 top Danish Universities.

Just a few reasons to choose Peaqs

  • Easy interface, your game is up and running within minutes
  • Realtime stock market engine (instant feedback for students)
  • Products are listed as baseball cards for an easy overview
  • Explore products to assess student/group acchievements
  • Adapt templates to your curriculum/course litterature
  • Teaching notes and learning objective included
  • Inspiration catalogue for classroom activation and exam testing
  • No limit to number of students participating

Peaqs is an easy-to-use blended learning platform complete with teaching notes and flexible in-game templates that can be modified to reflect your curriculum. With very little effort you can transport your current teaching into a dynamic, market oriented learning game, where students act as group-entrepreneurs and individual investors alike.

You decide the pace of learning as a session of Peaqs can be comprised into a few days of intensive workshops or be spread out over the course of a semester with ample room for students to read and prepare. You simply apply the calendar-function so student assignments are released at the pace of your choosing.

Versatility & ease of use

Depending on the course PeaQs can permeate an entire semester with several class room sessions or form the basis of a few days of intense workshops. Making it the perfect versatile education tool that can accommodate anything from full-time students to short-termed intense MBA courses.

PeaQs is 100 % digital and requires no other technical equipment or proficiency than being able to access the internet during class. The platform is offered to faculties on a year-to-year subscription basis.

Get in touch with us and learn more about how PeaQs can provide value to your institution.

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