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At Peaqs we’ve quickly learned the value of trusted partnerships that can catapult our platform and your business at the same time.

There are various approaches to doing partnerships with Peaqs, whether you are one-man learning army or a consultancy company looking to run courses and workshops with Peaqs as the engine under the hood.

Consultancy & Re-selling

Consulting companies and any other medium or large scale private provider of corporate learning, workshops and courses, should consider Peaqs to their mix of learning tools or even integrate it as the digital engine in already defined courses.

Peaqs is an in-expensive addition to your learning tool-kit and the cost scales according to the level of use, which makes it ideal when projecting and forecasting your course business model, as you don’t carry a massive overhead around with you.

Peaqs is great for driving attendee engagement levels and exploring learning models and didactics that are more participatory, gamified, creative, case- and peer-review based. It can be used to display development processes and assessment processes alike, and it helps instructors get a better overview of classroom progress and really take control of the pace of learning.

All done by either having a blended learning approach with digital and face-to-face teaching combined, or going completely remote and running it entirely online – both approaches are possible with Peaqs.

Being a truly flexible platform, with many options for customization, it’s even offered on a white-label basis so your company can host the learning interactions in their entirety, and as the main part of your attendee’s learning outcomes are displayed within the Peaqs platform you will have access to a wealth of data for future research and continous course refinement.


Currently we don’t support a classical re-selling model where you as a third party can draw a commission by purely marketing and selling Peaqs to others. Are you however applying Peaqs to a course that you have designed and run on your own with your corporate clients, we can set up collaboration, where you earn discounts that scale according to the level of which you use of the platform.


Peaqs is a new product and we are still in our business infancy. However we are more than interested in learning what future potential it holds in terms of propelling the business via seed capital.

We imagine that you have a specialty in the EdTech sector and can bring valuable industry knowledge and connections to the table in addition to a capital investment that fuels our growth. We on the other hand bring a dedicated, seasoned and ambitous team that has already taken Peaqs from MVP to 2.0 platform with top-tier client onboarding.

Needless to say, we dream of hockey-sticks and revolutionizing higher level learning in the educational sector as well as taking on private L&D departments with learning solutions that enable case/scenario-based teaching – high in reflection, peer reviewing and process alignment/overview.

A few key points that describe the vision and mission of our business moving forward:

  • We want to enable learning verticals that supplement and transcend the current university models
  • These learning verticals should integrate into the private space, leveraging the best and most recent learning models and knowledge in the field
  • Become the best designers of digital learning flows for higher learning
  • Hyper-scalability for our product and sales approach along with an internally distributed organization will be at the heart of the Peaqs journey
  • A data driven approach with the application of AI to our meta-data in order to acchieve industry expertise and drive efficiency to processes

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