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With the flexibilities of the Peaqs platform you can take your business accelerator or business incubator to the next level. 

All phases in the step-by-step approach can be time-boxed to fit your acceleration plan and headlines can be tailored to fit your development agenda.

Peaqs offers programme coordinators an unparallelled overview of startups progress, and an alligned approach to their pitching and business plans. 

There is also a feedback section featuring a stock market function where anyone invited to the incubation process can buy/sell shares of the business cases on the platform. This drives incentive for startups to check out and evaluate their peers – gaining insights and inspiration from other startups wrestling some of the same issues – and for outside business angels and mentors to back and rank the projects they find the most interesting. 

Apart from the stock market function (which is optional in settings) there is also a built-in comment section for each startup, that allows for private and public mode comments, so feedback can be qualitative and direct. An ingame journal allows investors to make comments and keep track of their thought process throughout the Peaqs session.

With the comment/feedback section accelerators can truly leverage the full potential of their mentor-corps as all is done online and requires no physcial proximity to the startups, which btw also goes for the startup teams that can be composed of people sitting in very distant locations from one-another. Basically anyone can join if you invite them by email and assignment them with either the investor or entrepreneur profile (or a dual profile covering both).

Peaqs works for start-up and scale-up programmes alike, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our consultants who can guide as to how Peaqs can integrate with your programme.

Peaqs gives you: 

  • A common and consolidated platform for pitching and business planning
  • A better overview across startup and their work progress
  • A better utilization of your mentorship corps as they can approach the startups without physical proximity
  • A uniform presentation of business cases
  • Feedback features for better dialogue and business mentoring
  • Higher rates of engagement and increased attendance & completion levels at pitch competitions

Get in touch with our consultants who can help you tailor Peaqs to your exact incubator needs.

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