GBSN partners with Peaqs for the Africa Business Plan Challenge

GBSN launches its Africa Business Plan Challenge in a completely virtual format and has teamed up with Danish Edtech Startup Peaqs, in providing a platform to facilitate the competition.

Peaqs is not so much a system for the organizers, as it is for the competition itself where student entrepreneurs continuously upload, display and refine their business cases in a kickstarter-like fashion.

The competition will challenge student teams to design a viable business plan that addresses a locally-relevant challenge or problem related to sustainable development and Agenda 2063. The competition is intended to assist young people from the African continent who have an entrepreneurial orientation, a desire to serve their community, and demonstrate the values outlined below. The focus is to promote and support responsible capitalism for emerging markets and to identify high potential young people for mentorship and investment. 

Judges, mentors and others who are invited can also logon and interact with the entrepreneurs via a comment function and a gamified stock market, where ‘investors’ can allocate their funds in support of the projects they think are the best.

World renowned business school accreditation association AASCB is also a partner in the Africa Business Plan Challenge, bringing more than 100 years of experience in providing quality assurance, business education intelligence, and learning and development services to business schools across the world. With current membership standing of 1,700 member organizations and more than 840 accredited business schools.

Stanford Seed, a branch of Stanford Graduate School of Business, that specializes in furthering Innovation in Developing Economies is another of the high profile partners supporting this competition.

Peaqs is a system made for higher learning that allows teachers and faculty to create blended or hybrid learning experiences for their students. It is highly customizable and built to secure high levels of student engagement via elements of gamification, peer feedback and learning progress transparency.

Peaqs was originally designed for teaching entrepreneurship and doing business acceleration, however has since then seen applications in many other subjects across business schools and technical universities worldwide.

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