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Put blended and remote learning on the agenda either as intense workshops or for an entire semester.

With Peaqs your faculty teachers and researchers can access the platform and apply it to their class teaching without having to change or alter their current curriculum. The platform is cost efficient and aimed at providing better and more engaging teaching – primarily in the subjects of innovation, entrepreneurship, product development, business development and marketing- & business strategy.

As a true blended learning platform, Peaqs allows the teachers role to shift away from one-way, classroom instruction, to a more versatile mixed classroom/online environment that can be accessed by students and teachers alike at all times from anywhere. You can even use it in a completely remote learning environment, as all interactions and setups
are done online – it’s your choice if the follow-up intruction is done per videolink or in an actual class room.

Peaqs is aimed at higher level learning institutions from entry level university to MBA. As the curriculum is easily replaced and adapted to the course at hand, the platform scales seamlessly to the level of complexity needed – the teacher only has to define a reading list and provide their headlines to the in-game templates. Peaqs is developed in Scandinavia and comes out-the-box with teaching notes, learning objectives and a teacher’s inspiration catalogue designed and developed by PhD level experts in the field.

Versatility & ease of use
Depending on the course Peaqs can permeate an entire semester with several class room sessions or form the basis of a few days of intense workshops, making it the perfect versatile education tool that can accommodate anything from full-time students to short-termed intense MBA courses.

Peaqs is 100 % digital and requires no other technical equipment or proficiency than being able to access the internet during class. The platform is offered to faculties on a year-to-year subscription basis.

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