Danish Startup Peaqs Aims To Create A Sandbox Platform To Train Entrepreneurs At University

What is your elevator pitch? Peaqs was designed with two purposes in mind. First, to train the entrepreneurial mind by making a safe place for experimentation and learning. A sandbox so to speak for teaching within higher education where students can arrive at an early stage business plan through a set process with enough flexibility to accommodate most course plans and totally independant of curriculum or theoretical approach to the subject of entrepreneurship.

Second purpose, to provide accelerators, incubators and other eco-systems that surround early stage ventures with a platform that can be used to make pitch competitions and show case early stage businesses in an easy, efficient and engaging way.

In short, to sum up the two purposes you could say that we are here to accelerate entrepreneurship and the development of new solutions and businesses because there is a basic need for more and better solutions to the vast array of challenges we as a species are confronted with – on all levels.

Can you expand? Peaqs is a system made for higher learning within entrepreneurship that allows teachers and faculty to create blended or hybrid learning experiences for their students.

Apart from being designed for learning outcomes, its 4-staged development process can move a product from concept to pitch-ready business plan in an efficient and engaging way, making it ideal for virtual or hybrid pitch competitions as well.

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